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Molly Watson - Tbox Tampon HolderWith my three busy boys and the craziness of life, I always seek to simplify things around me… even in my bathroom! For years, I used a big floral box to store my personal products… but, over time it got knocked around or was not close by when I needed it. I created the Tbox to simplify life a bit.

The Tbox tampon holder is a simple holder that attaches easily, opens easily, and remains where I need it, when I need it most. Plus, I love all of the cute designs. When I travel, I stock my Tbox and throw it in my bag. The hard case keeps my products protected, and is both convenient and discreet.

I was tired of throwing away products that were at the bottom of my purse each month…and also found it funny (and a little embarrassing!) when my toddler would pull a tampon out of my purse at a restaurant! So, I decided we needed to create a tampon holder that looked like something already in our purses. Makeup? Voila! The Tbox to-go solves several problems for us – tampon holder, pill box, mirror… all in one! And… it looks really cool in any purse or backpack.

At the Tbox company, we are busy working on our next product to simplify life, while adding fun and style to everyday.

To Celebrating and Simplifying Life, 

Molly Watson Tbox Tampon Holder

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